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Bogus Pictograph Meanings of Paleo-Hebrew

I am noticing a rise in the ridiculous bogus pictograph meanings of Paleo-Hebrew. Quite frankly, it's disgusting. It seems these type of Christians are losing the cognitive plot, and are either deceptively lying to the unawares for a wow factor, or are just plain ignorant and have nothing else better to do, because they mentally place themselves comfortably into crazy-town.

For those who say that ִא (the first letter aleph, where the shape derives from a Proto-Sinaitic glyph based on an Egyptian hieroglyph which depicts an ox's head) means "master" or "leader", how did you get from "ox" to "master"? Which ancient pictograph told you that?

If you say that אָב (the Hebrew ʾāb for "father") is "ox" + "house", and apparently that interprets to mean "master of the house," then how about אֵם (the Hebrew ʾēm for "mother"), which is "ox" + "water" (chaos)? So, the word "mother" means "master of chaos"? Complete nonsense!

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